Renox Dogs Ultra Multivitamin - Goat Milk Tablets
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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Renox Canine Multivitamin contains essential vitamins, minerals and DHA, which promote vitality and provides total health for dogs of all ages. The high content of calcium encourages the natural development of bones and teeth in young and adult dogs, as well as ensuring a glossy coat and bright eyes of your dogs. Well the DHA plays a leading role in fostering brain and eye development, helps boost cognitive development, and support healthy skin and coat.

FEEDING DIRECTION: 1 tablet per 2.5kg body weight per day. *FOR DOGS OF ALL AGES *ALL WEIGHT RANGES

INGREDIENTS: Goat milk powder, DHA, maltodextrin, vitamins and minerals premix, vegetable oil powder, starch, magnesium stearate, vanilla flavour, natural colouring (beet root, Beta-Carotene)

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: DHA: 100mg, Iron: 2.265mg, Folic acid: 63.9mcg, Zinc: 1.8885mg, Chloride: 102.6mg, Vitamin A: 230iu, Vitamin D3: 78.5iu, Vitamin E: 1.97iu, Vitamin B6: 0.18mg, Vitamin C: 23.58mg, Vitamin K1: 8.82mcg, Iodine: 27.15mcg, Vitamin B1: 0.198iu, Vitamin B3: 3.6iu, Vitamin B5: 0.916iu VETERINARIAN


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