Bio-D paw pal Pawpal Cat And Dog Repellent Spray
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keep cats and/or dogs (stray or pets) away from the areas where you don’t want them around with PawPal Cat & Dog Repellent Spray. Our super effective formulation uses the natural active ingredient EGX-101 (derived from the wild tomato plant), which is scientifically proven to repel cats and dogs up to 12 hours while also being completely safe for use around animals, babies and food.


Use your PawPal Cat & Dog Repellent Spray to keep disease-spreading stray cats and dogs away from your home or to train pets to stay away from furniture, baby nurseries, cooking areas, dinner tables, rubbish bins, and any other selected areas.


Just spray where you want to keep pets away, so you can keep your worries at bay. Because an obedient pet means a happy owner.

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