About Us
Bees Pets Global Supply Sdn. Bhd. is a pet food shop founded in 2010 and based in a veterinary clinic named Klinik Haiwan Healing Pets Sdn Bhd. It is a pet shop that supplies prescription pet food, premium pet food, supplements and pet accessories. All pet owners can get the supplies like dog food, cat food, at litter, toys and many more things to pamper their beloved pets here. Pet owners can get all those supplies in both of main clinic and cat clinic of Klinik Haiwan Healing Pets Sdn Bhd.

Bees Pets Global Supply Sdn. Bhd. provides:

Prescription diet under the vet’s advice that can control the condition of your pets that have specific sickness like kidney disease, diabetic and urinary problem.

Premium quality of pet food. We believe that the good health of your pets is mainly come from a good food. So, our duty is to provide the best food for your pets.

Various kind of pets’ requirements and maintenance especially for the dental, skin and hair and many more.

Guidance and knowledge to pet owners regarding pet foods, diets, pet health and other pet requirements.

Instead of pet food and other pet requirements, the pet shops also provide the pet owners on veterinary support by our own veterinarian on various kind of support such as orthopaedic support, dental support and also mobility support.
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